Blacktown Christmas Concert

The last gig of the year and one of the first gigs of the year after COVID 19 restrictions were alleviated. We performed another Christmas Concert at Blacktown a week after the Mount Druitt Christmas Concert. At this gig we performed a longer set reaching around 35 minutes, which consisted of Jazzy classic Christmas tunes as well as some iconic pop Christmas songs to get the crowd in the spirit of Christmas.

Mount Druitt Christmas Concert

After a long break due to COVID-19 the band was invited to 2 gigs within the Blacktown city area to perform a 25 – 35 minute set of light hearted Christmas songs ending the year strong and full of joy. The band was delighted to be invited and had a great time performing at these events especially after a 6 month break due to the pandemic.

The first gig was at the Mount Druitt Christmas Concert, which welcomed the community to the spirit of Christmas through the annual concert at the Dawson Mall, Mount Druitt. This event provided local residents with free stage performances by local community groups from diverse communities such as dance troupe and bands such as ourselves!! We performed with a limited number of band members as the COVID 19 restrictions limited us to 9 performers on the stage. We performed a set of Jazzy Christmas classics before the Christmas tree was finally lit up by Santa Clause at 8:45pm

Blacktown City Show

There were no breaks after the Quirindi gig as the next week the band had to perform at the “Blacktown City Show”, performing a new set of songs including a cover of “I Want You back” and “The Best” at this 30 minute gig. Despite the circumstances surrounding this event, such as the rise of the pandemic and the rainy weather, the band put on a great performance that was enjoyed by the community present at the festival.

Quirindi Military Tattoo

Due to the performance at the previous years “Blacktown CIty Show”, the band was invited this year to an event at the sister city of Blacktown, Quirindi to perform at a military tattoo event. This was exciting for the band as this was one the first times that we had been invited for the event and after a year of preparation the band was ready to bring their A game to Quirindi. Transportation to the event was provided to the band by the Blacktown City Council, whom the band would like to thank for funding the transportation and accommodation for the event. After the 4 hour bus ride the band was provided accommodation at the “Wilgabah Art Shack Gallery” whom we would also like to thank for their hospitality to us during the 3 day trip. The band had performed a 30-40 minute set of their best jazz and pop songs including “Treasure” and “Blame it on the Boogie” which had been choreographed providing a vibrant atmosphere for the overall event. The band would like to thank both the Liverpool Plains Shire Council and Blacktown Council as well as the community at Quirindi for their hospitality and welcoming attitude as the band had thoroughly enjoyed their time at Quirindi and wishes to perform there again.