The past few years have impacted the band in a very strange way. Due to the pandemic, many members are unable to play for certain gigs due to their lifestyle and occupation. Which left us thinking on our feet for the best solution and band arrangements to ensure we were still playing to our standard. Lucky for us the majority of the members in the band are multi-skilled allowing people to rotate to other instruments when required. 

This however required us to practice A LOT as a band and individually as the long months of lockdown had rusted our skills.


After a long break due to COVID-19, the band was invited to 3 gigs within the Blacktown city area to perform a 30 – 40 minute set of light-hearted Christmas songs ending the year strong and full of joy. The band was delighted to be invited and had a great time performing at these events especially after another break due to the pandemic.

The first gig was at the Mount Druitt Christmas Concert, which welcomed the community to the spirit of Christmas through the annual concert at the Dawson Mall, Mount Druitt. This event provided local residents with free stage performances by local community groups from diverse communities such as dance troupe and bands such as ourselves!! We performed with a limited number of band members (eight to be exact) due to Jeffrey and Katrina being preoccupied with their work schedules. We performed a 30 min set of Jazzy Christmas classics before the Christmas tree was finally lit up by Santa Claus.

The next Christmas concert we were invited to perform at was at Riverstone. This was an inaugural event and the band was honoured to be invited to perform a classic set of jazzy Christmas songs to set a joyful mood for the whole event. The event was held at the Riverstone Neighbourhood Centre, a small cozy venue hosting a couple of food stalls and a charming Christmas tree. Despite missing one member due to work, the band was able to play a 30 min set similar to the one played at the previous Mount Druitt Christmas Concert setting a relaxed mood for the festival. Once again the festival ended with the lighting of the Christmas tree and Santa making an appearance to take a few photos.

The last Christmas Festival the Blacktown City council invited us to perform at was… Blacktown, which was unfortunately cancelled due to the rainy weather.

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