Quirindi Military Tattoo 2021

After the performance last year, the band was once again invited back to the Quirindi Military Tattoo as the first performance of the year. After the positive reception from the community last year and the band’s enjoyment of the event, we happily accepted the chance to perform once again. During the 3 day trip the band had spent their free time touring the town, local markets and visiting “Bob’s Shed” – a place filled with a collection of many antiques. 

This year the band was given the opportunity to perform within the market area bringing a 75 minute set of jazz, latin, rock and pop numbers providing a lively atmosphere for the event. 

The band would like to thank the Blacktown City Council and the Liverpool Plains Shire Council for funding the transportation and accommodation for the event as well as providing another opportunity to perform at Quirindi. The band would also like to thank the folks at the “Quirindi Sunflower Motor Inn” and “Wilgabah Art Shack Gallery” for their hospitality whilst the band was lodging at their facilities. Finally we would like to thank the community Quirindi for allowing us to perform again at the event, as it is the first performance of the year and we felt like we started off strong, and would like to thank you for the support.

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